How to Fix a Frozen, Hang in Logo Problem on Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 I9100

 The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a high-end Android device because of it's1.2 GHz dual-core System on a chip processor. It also features 1 GB of RAM, but sometimes it also experience some hang or frozen problem. It just sometimes freezes without no means, and this reportedly happens very rare. This may occurred due to the phones memory getting too, low like for example, running multiple applications,  scrolling down long texts or phone book that happens once in a while, etc.

Once your Samsung Galaxy S II is frozen it become unresponsive, the first thing you only have in mind is to restart the phone. You may either pull out the battery and insert it back again, or just by pressing the power button will also do.

This are just simple tips  on how to solve on a Hanged or Frozen Samsung Galaxy S II:

A.  You may need to reboot the phone by pressing the power button until the device turned OFF and reboot automatically.

B. Perform a factory data reset. This will restore back and reset the Galaxy S2 to its factory default settings.
1. Select Settings then Privacy
2. Select Factory Data Reset
3  Select Reset Phone
4. if the password is prompted just enter it then select Erase Everything to confirm.

C.  Hard reset the device by way of button combination- this can be useful if the procedures above doesn't fix the problem.  Just ensure to have a back up copy of all of your important data stored on the device for this will wipe and delete all of it.

-Press and hold the Volume Up and Home button
-Then press the Power button
-Release the Power button until the device Turns On.
-You will then see a window called "recovery menu" on your Galaxy S2.
The options is in there to, Wipe Data/Factory reset, Reboot. Just select Reset Factory. Then reboot.
Samsung Galaxy S2 hang frozen fix
If the above procedures like factory reset or hard reset doesn't fix the frozen problem.
Our next option for this is by restoring the device original stock-firmware. This will clean up and return the phone to its original factory fresh like the way you bought it brand new. A Samsung flasher tool called ODIN Multidownloader can do the job.  You can find some tips on how to restore back the device Firmware flashing or downloading procedure on Samsung Galaxy S2.

Sometimes there are severe hang or frozen problem that is due to hardware issue if the device suffered  wet or water damaged, heavily dropped and oxidation build ups inside the phones PCB board, and this problem can only be fix by hardware calibration. A mobile phone technician in a service center with a good soldering skills can only fix it.

How to Format or Reset Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

Here's the following simple tips on how to do a factory reset or format the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 and restore it back to it's original factory default settings. This procedure may help if you'll experience some slow performance, fix lags, hang or frozen issues. This may also wipe any unwanted firmware interruption due of some applications you've installed on the phone that result to some poor performance issues.

Note: Just ensure to back up all of your important data stored from the phone, for this will wipe it all out and clear you device and stored back again like the first time you bought it.
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 factory reset
So, here's the factory reset method:
Factory reset - this is only a soft reset method, you can do this if the device is still active or you can still navigate to it's menu and settings function.

-Tap the Menu key
-Tap Settings
-Scroll down to and tap Privacy
-Tap Factory data reset
-Tap Reset phone
-Tap Erase everything.

You can also do a factory reset while only typing this reset code on the dial pad #2767*3855#.

If the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001  is frozen or stuck on boot or hangs on welcome screen logo only. This time you will need to hard reset it by way of button combination since you cannot do a factory reset from the instruction above.

- Turn your Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 off, or remove the battery for about 10 seconds then put it back again.
- Then press and hold the following buttons Home button + Volume up + Power button
Then a menu will show, just select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

That's it! You can also download the user manual for Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001  here,  if you need more information on how to do some tweaks on your Galaxy S Plus android device.

Download Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 User Manual

If you have recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 which runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and was sold on T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone. As a new user of Android device, you will need this user manual so that you will know how to navigate of its functions. This android device is built with 1.4GHz processor has its popping touchwiz 3.0 on the top of the Android experience.
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 User Manual download
So, here's the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 User Manual that you're looking for.
This Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 user manual is very useful if you will encounter some problem and if you don’t know how to do some tweaks on it, you can try to find the answer in the user manual.

How to Increase or Boost a Low Microphone Volume on Samsung Galaxy S II

If you are having some issue with your Samsung Galaxy S II which has a low microphone volume level and finding some complaints from people you call saying that they can't clearly hears you. It is quite sometimes that some users experience this problem regarding the loudness of their Galaxy S II microphone.

This problem may only occur during "in call" status while if you run the voice recorder application and speak normally you will find that it records well quite very clearly. Some forum reports said that they have return back their Galaxy S II for fix about the low microphone. But here's some tricks that you may try first and see if this works before you have to decide to have it back  to your service center.

This tricks are too simple and nothing to worry about, just do some click around with your menus, and do this steps below:

1. Setting the mic input level while the 'Noise Reduction' is turned off. You can do this by pressing the menu button while in call status then press the "Noise Reduction Off".
Samsung Galaxy S2 increase microphone volume
- Type this code on your Galaxy S2  dial pad *#*#197328640#*#*
- A number coded menu will then show.
- Now press  [5] AUDIO
- Next [1] NB (VOICE CALL)
- Next [1] HANDSET
- Next [1] VOLUME
-Next  [1]SRC SPEECH RX Volume
- Then [5]5_lvl: 90 ( the 90 is the input value of the microphone volume level, yours might have a different value than 90. Just remember the default value of yours so that you can use it to revert it back again)

Now, on that window there's a line stated "Input". You are going to edit or change the input value which can be done by pressing the Menu button, then the "Key Input". Write down 110 as your new maximum microphone input level and then press "OK" This is just like adjusting the volume knob of your audio amplifier to maximize the loudness.

2. Setting the mic input level while the 'Noise Reduction' is turned On.

- Press the menu button then the "Back". You may press 4 times until you will  return back from where you will see the Audio Setting  and the [1] NB (VOICE CALL) is in the first line.
- This time, press [7] HANDSET(2MIC)
- Next [1] HANDSET
- Next [1] VOLUME
- Next  [1]SRC SPEECH RX Volume
- Then [5]5_lvl: 90( Edit this input value like the number you have just write down from above)
Press the Menu button, then "Key Input". Write down 110 as your new maximum microphone input level.

I have proven that this tricks works on my Galaxy S II android phone, but the only certain issue is that it will automatically revert back to the default input level settings once you rebooted or restart the phone . So if you want to keep it permanent, find a way to never restart your phone, or consume your phones battery life. So, hope this works for you too.

Things Needs to Avoid in Handling Samsung Galaxy Ace

These are just a few things you always avoid in handling with your precious Galaxy Ace to keep away into trouble and serious issues or end up your device in to fatal state like bricking it in no time. Many users have already learned about this stuff but this serve as warn to others to keep their Galaxy Ace stay as good as it is.

Do not install ROM Manager for Galaxy Ace

A ROM Manager is a manager for Clockworkmod Recovery ,  It Download and manage your ROMs, make and restore backups and make SD partitions. It's a very useful application which saves time because you don't have to reboot to recovery.
However , it doesn't support Galaxy Ace yet. It perfectly works on other Android Platforms but not on Ace. If you tried to install the ROM manger to your Ace , as a result it will not turn ON again and you already ended up a bricked phone. The only thing to fix it, is by sending it back to the service center nearest you. And then obcourse you will be charge for the fix.

So, Instead of using a ROM Manager, we recommend you to use a CWM Manager. Use Clockworkmod Recovery  for Backups, Flashing .zip, Restoring and whatever the Recovery can manage to do.

Issues with Samsung Kies on Galaxy Ace to update the Firmware
Samsung Kies is an Official software application released by Samsung and use to update the firmware, sync your application and other stuff with the Samsung devices. According to some reports in forums that they used to bricked their Galaxy Ace while using Kies in updating the firmware. The problem is that it will just stuck and suddenly stops responding because of RAM issues. RAM or read only memory on Galaxy Ace does not meet for Kies requirements.

Those are just a brief details of some users report about how they messed up their Samsung Galaxy Ace. So, just let your Galaxy Ace untouched so that you can make use a lot of time with it.

How to: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Remove,Clear and Delete the browser history

Do you want to remove or clear the browser history of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 so that others who shared using your Tab won't snoop in of what pages you been visited. This simple tips will just show you how to do it, if you want your activities private just follow this tips.

clear browser history of galaxy TAb 10.1
1) Open the browser applicationon
your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

2) Tap on the menu in the
top right corner, and then select

3) On the left, pick "Privacy
and security" from the menu.

4) Then select the "Clear history"
option in the new menu on the right.

That's it! Just always not to forget to clear your browsing history, if you want to keep your web browsing in private with your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

How to connect the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc on TV

Get some sort of all-over scene of your Sony Ericsson Arc phone, because it has alot of additional, mostly unobtrusive features. This is just another simple tips on how to connect the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to TV. This features of Arc will make more even better on how it's camera is capable of capturing a high quality photos of 8-megapixel and recording a high definition video at 750p.

How to connect the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc on Television
Here's how to sipmly connect it on TV so that you can view your videos and photos in a wider screen. Just find the port with labeled HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) at the top your xperia ARC. That's the interface output from the phone which can be able to connect it on via TV. You need also to use a microHDMI - HDMI converter cable, if you haven't it you'll need to buy one.

Now, If your TV supports CEC it will eventually just automatically switch automatically to the HDMI channel, if it's not, jus manually switch your TV to HDMI channel. 

Once you manage to connect it, you will find another experience with your ARC while it's being connected to the TV, because it will also mimic anything you do on your device.

How to Fix Not Working Compass on Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

If you'll find your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 Compass isn't working this solution will probably help the issue. Recently most users experience this kind of problem and consider it as a bug issue.

We have found an instruction guide by waqasshahzad1986 from xda-developer:
He noted that this solution will work on any Samsung Galaxy Gio versions. 

Make sure to backup your old memsicd before doing anything .

Method 1 : download this update , and copy to sd card(don't not copy in any folder)
Put your phone into recovery mode(turn off your phone , HOLD home button + power button toghether)
Apply update from sd , locate the copied file and press home button. reboot.

Method 2:

Download compas fix file
extract on your pc , and copy to sd card
now use root explorer copy and replace to system/bin (make sure its mount r/w)
and set permissions to all 9 boxes.. reboot , and you are done

UPDATED:Latest Compass Fix extracted from S5660ZCKP4-S5660ZCKP4-S5660OZHKP4 , compass fix .

Thanks to mozgoder for letting me know

Method 1 : download the update, and copy to sd card(don't not copy in any folder)
Put your phone into recovery mode(turn off your phone , HOLD home button + power button toghether)
Apply update from sd , locate the copied file and press home button. reboot.

You have to Reboot once more otherwise it will show wrong direction.

NOTE: if this update doesn't work for you , you can try this one

This video shows a Samsung Galaxy Gio Compass has been already fix.

Hope this will help if you are too worry about what is going on with your Samsung Galaxy Gio compass apps.
You can visit the thread at XDA-developer.