How to Fix a Frozen, Hang in Logo Problem on Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 I9100

 The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a high-end Android device because of it's1.2 GHz dual-core System on a chip processor. It also features 1 GB of RAM, but sometimes it also experience some hang or frozen problem. It just sometimes freezes without no means, and this reportedly happens very rare. This may occurred due to the phones memory getting too, low like for example, running multiple applications,  scrolling down long texts or phone book that happens once in a while, etc.

Once your Samsung Galaxy S II is frozen it become unresponsive, the first thing you only have in mind is to restart the phone. You may either pull out the battery and insert it back again, or just by pressing the power button will also do.

This are just simple tips  on how to solve on a Hanged or Frozen Samsung Galaxy S II:

A.  You may need to reboot the phone by pressing the power button until the device turned OFF and reboot automatically.

B. Perform a factory data reset. This will restore back and reset the Galaxy S2 to its factory default settings.
1. Select Settings then Privacy
2. Select Factory Data Reset
3  Select Reset Phone
4. if the password is prompted just enter it then select Erase Everything to confirm.

C.  Hard reset the device by way of button combination- this can be useful if the procedures above doesn't fix the problem.  Just ensure to have a back up copy of all of your important data stored on the device for this will wipe and delete all of it.

-Press and hold the Volume Up and Home button
-Then press the Power button
-Release the Power button until the device Turns On.
-You will then see a window called "recovery menu" on your Galaxy S2.
The options is in there to, Wipe Data/Factory reset, Reboot. Just select Reset Factory. Then reboot.

Samsung Galaxy S2 hang frozen fix
If the above procedures like factory reset or hard reset doesn't fix the frozen problem.
Our next option for this is by restoring the device original stock-firmware. This will clean up and return the phone to its original factory fresh like the way you bought it brand new. A Samsung flasher tool called ODIN Multidownloader can do the job.  You can find some tips on how to restore back the device Firmware flashing or downloading procedure on Samsung Galaxy S2.

Sometimes there are severe hang or frozen problem that is due to hardware issue if the device suffered  wet or water damaged, heavily dropped and oxidation build ups inside the phones PCB board, and this problem can only be fix by hardware calibration. A mobile phone technician in a service center with a good soldering skills can only fix it.


i just got new samsung galaxy s2 bt facing hanging n restarting problem continuesly ,,,,why such problem occuring anyone have solution

Absolutely correct i agree with the given procedure, hard reset is indeed a panacea for thousands of issues occur on a phone. Let me share few of my experiences with you guys, I had some sort of problem on my Galaxy S2, it used to freeze quite often, initially I did nothing and felt its just a normal thing and will be all right on its own. But I was totally wrong because the phone became more drastic only after a week. This was the time when i started searching for a remedy, searched a ton on internet and finally came across a solution; I would say the best solution rather. Something that helped me to get rid of the problems was this I got a strong feeling while I was reading your Blog and thought of contributing a little to help people like me. I mean those who are having problems on their phones like I have mentioned above.

This is a well said that Hard reset or sometime called a factory reset is the great remedy to solve problems like hanging, freezing, and all other for our cellphones. Its really happen with us that when our phone starts hanging we just think that its due to Virus and some harmful data. Sometimes anti virus applications also doesn’t work for that. In that case we can Hard Reset our Cellphone, which may lost our data, sometime. But really solves our problem by following some easy steps. I found three ways to apply the hard reset procedure when I was just frustrated with my phone & helpless to get any solution for my galaxy S2. It just helped me like charm. Hope Would also for you guys.

Join the club. Sorry....

i have samsung i9001 i am having problm when i make any call the light goes off and not a single butoon works untill few min how to solve this problm

Seems I'm not the only one then.

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