How to copy contacts to Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 from SIM Card

If you want to copy the contacts from your old phones to your new Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, you can simply do it by this method below:

If you are using the same carrier’s SIM card as the new phone carrier, it is very easy to transfer the contacts information to your new Samsung Galaxy Ace, just take the following steps.

-from the homescreen tap Applications
-tap Contacts
-press the Menu key
-tap Import/Export
-select import from SIM
-press the Menu key
-tap Import all
copy contacts to Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 from SIM Card

If your former carrier is different from your new Samsung Galaxy Ace carrier, for it is an android smartphone, you need to export your contacts as .cvs file to your PC, then import it to your gmail and then sync it to your Samsung S5830.

How to Format or Reset Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Here's the simple instruction on how to reset your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. You can also download the
user manual for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 here.

Performing soft reset and hard reset will help if your device experiencing some hang up problems, or it slower than ever before. This will remove all the data you previously installed on it like applications that causes the device to run slower. So make sure to back up all important data before you proceed.

Here's the step by step instruction how to perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830:

1. On the main Home Screen, select Menu
2. Select Settings
3. Scroll to and select Privacy
4. Scroll to and select Privacy
5. Select Factory Data Reset
5. Select Reset Phone
6. Enter the password if prompted, then confirm by selecting Erase Everything
Samsung Galaxy Ace Hard reset

You can reset your phone by entering the code *2767*3855#. All settings will then reset to factory default settings.
But sometimes the code may not always useful if your Samsung Galaxy Ace is frozen and become unresponsive or in other sever hang problem like it just hangs on welcome screen logo. To fix it, just then again remove the battery out, then put it back again. Don't power it ON yet, just press and hold the Volume Up, Center button and Power button at the same time. A menu will then appear that let choose with an option. Just use the volume button to toggle and select the wipe data/factory reset, that will then reset your Galaxy Ace to it's factory default settings.

Download Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 User Manual

If you are looking for the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 User Manual you can download it here. It was not yet long time ago since the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 has been released and you will need to know how to navigate of its function.

Well, here's the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 User Manual
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 User Manual Download

All you need to know about how to use you Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is on it.

How to add music and set as ringtone on Samsung Gem i100

If you need to add a little bit trends on your Samsung Gem i100 that may look extra cool. I will give you some tips on how to add and set the music as a notification tone on the device.

First prepare the music to your phone. Format the microSD card on your Samsung Gem and then connect to your PC, transfer the musics to the memory card, save in a folder named "notifications", then you can start to set the music as notification by performing this steps.

Setting up music as an alert tone on Samsung Gem i100:

-Press the Home Key
-Press the Menu Key
-Tap on Settings
-Tap on Sound and display
-Tap on SD card notification, in the box, to place a checkmark to enable that function to be changed.
Note: it works after the checkmark was enabled in the right box, or if it was still not set as notification tone on your Samsung Gem
All you need to do is to add the music to your Samsung Gem i100, just make sure that the music format is supported by the phone or may not work. And then following the steps below to set the music as a ringtone to your phone.
Add ringtone on Samsung Gem i100
Setting up music as a ringtone on Samsung Gem i100:

-Press the Home Key
-Tap on Applications
-Tap on Music player
-Tap on Songs to display your music files
-Tap and hold the Song you want to set, then tap on Use as phone ringtone

That's it! then give it a try, your Samsung Gem i100 phone now rocks!

Where and How to Download Application on Motorola Droid 2

There are bunch of application you can download and install on your Motorola Droid 2 from Android Market for it supports many apps since it now running 2.2 android firmware. This make your device more fun and entertainment and make a full use of it.

From android Market
-Open the applications tray or select Market application from homescreen. You will need a Google account to download applications.
-Click on any application you can find to download or purchase.
-Application will install automatically after downloading and appear in your applications tray.
outside of android market
-press Menu
Download Application on Motorola Droid 2
-press Settings
-press Applications
-press Unknown sources.
-To launch the browser, press touch Home
-press Browser.
-Find the non-marketplace app you want to download off the internet and tap the download link.
All apps downloaded are stored in your Motorola Droid 2 phone memory, just open and install it!