Trick: How to Take Screenshot (Screen Capture) on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

This guide are for Samsung Galaxy Ace users that doesn't know yet how to take or capture screen image from the phone. When I got my Ace S5830 I have the same scenario too, then tweaking  up and tried to press several button combination. And fortunately I figured it out after trying several attempts pressing the HOME button with the  BACK button (touch sensitive buttons - on the left and right of HOME button). Bingo! that's how we can take and save screenshots on our Galaxy Ace.

An example of a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy Ace
samsung galaxy Ace screenshot captured

Method :
Navigate to the screen you want to take screenshot ( homescreens, menu's, or game screens, etc ) press and hold the back button in the right corner while holding it, press menu key once and a notification will say the screenshot is taken. The images will then automatically save in the image file folder called "Screencapture"
That's it all!


Thanx a ton it was realy helpful.... all the best enjoy.......!

still enable 2 take screen shot of my galaxy phone (Anroid version 2.3.4) pls help ASAP

hold the HOME button, press POWER..

Amazing! thanks for the help :)

All the forums etc. say first press back then home.. NO! It has to be simultaneous otherwise the just screen goes back. And that's not what you want.
It works ok after some practice...

youre excellent bro...tq

What a joy. Why don't they have that as an official functionality?


i cant capture the screenshots.. as when i press main menu button its shows home page.. :(
What shud I do???? please help me.

What have to be done if an app goes always back or it will stop if we press the "BACK-button" ?
I know there are some cases that acts like this way...otherwise I can capture any screen with the method of (back_button + home-button)

easiest way is to press and hold the home button and then press the power button once. u will hear the camrea sound and ur screenshot will be saved in your gallery.

I have to hold my back button, tap the home button twice and then power. UGH... too many steps. been trying to figure it out on my Samsung Continuum for a while now. Thanks!

i cant capture the screenshot. as when i press main its always shows home page. :(
what should i do?.. i need some help.

so i hear the click but than my phone says can't take screen try again? what to do? i tried many tmes

I'm doing exactly what it says. then there is only "screen can not record, try again" Can anyone help? thanks

Amazing tip, thanks very very much, you made my day

keep on teaching us, guys like you are doing the difference on the net.


I've figured it out!
Press the power button and the home button at the same time for about 2 seconds and when you let go it should capture the screen! :)

what is that bird icon on your phone?

Hold home button. If Task Manager Dialog appears, tap on back button to close it but still by keep holding home button. Then with your another finger, press power button to capture your screenshot (you still hold home button, don’t you? :-p) . If you success, there will be notification sound and text. Check on you gallery after you finish.

I hold the home button and click the power button using my other finger but still task manager appears or if not my phone is locked? What will I do?

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