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Hi! I'm Wilma, an entrepreneur, I run a small mobile phone store as one of my business. Some of my customers just spend their time to visit back my shop just to ask some tips or question on how to tweak their newly purchased phone which they couldn't found on the user manual.

I am an Android user, I am a big fan of Android devices too.  Some other guides or solution is so hard to be found anywhere. So, I just started out to create this blog  just to gather any useful tips and as a reference in tweaking Android smartphones. This blog is dedicated to all Android phone users out there who are looking for some simple tips on how to improved, beautify, modify or customize their Android devices, and I hope this helps in a little way.

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Community means communication… You can also help us improved this blog so that it will be useful to others too.. by dropping or sharing us with your thoughts, concerns, ideas, complaints, thank yous, suggestions and anything else you might want us to know! Feel free to contact me at wilmakckim(at)gmail(dot)com, if you want to share some useful Android tricks and add it up in here.

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