How to: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Remove,Clear and Delete the browser history

Do you want to remove or clear the browser history of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 so that others who shared using your Tab won't snoop in of what pages you been visited. This simple tips will just show you how to do it, if you want your activities private just follow this tips.

clear browser history of galaxy TAb 10.1
1) Open the browser applicationon
your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

2) Tap on the menu in the
top right corner, and then select

3) On the left, pick "Privacy
and security" from the menu.

4) Then select the "Clear history"
option in the new menu on the right.

That's it! Just always not to forget to clear your browsing history, if you want to keep your web browsing in private with your Galaxy Tab 10.1.


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