How to Take Screenshot on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989

If you'll need to have a screen captured on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) SGH-T989, that's too very easy. You don't need to have it rooted or install any software tools or screenshot capture application just to have a screenshots of your phone.

You can directly take a screenshots right away from your device because the Samsung Galaxy S2 is already has it's own built in screen capture function. All you need to do is just - by pressing the HOME button and then quickly press and release the Power button. (you have to push the power button quickly because the task manager comes up if you keep the home button pushed too long)
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 taking screenshot buttons
The taken screenshots will then be saved on the phones image gallery folder.
This will also works on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 and Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 (global version). This is how tech bloggers and developers do when they want to share a screenshot sample of their newly develop android themes or custom ROMs out over on the internet.

How to increase battery life of AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777

If you had experience and somehow had trouble with the rapidly draining battery of your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) by AT&T. In most recent reports that the new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II had a poor battery life.
Others says that this is due to a poor system OS or some bugs issues that one of the main reason why your phone drains its battery so fast.
Improved batteyr life AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777
So, how to get your Samsung Galaxy S2 I777 improved the battery life performance?
Here's a few tweaks we gathered so far and shared by Singuy1234 who already had his Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life problem fixed.

My phone is no longer draining massive amount of battery life when idle (3-5% after 7 hours of idle), android system usage is now down to 5-15% instead of 78-97% from before.

My fixes.

1. Turn off data syncing
2. Turn off wifi while on the road (so wifi doesn't constantly look for signals).
3. Clear memory

Yes, att installs a lot of bloatware that constantly update for changes.

If killing those services AND disabling data syncing doesn't help your problem, then you have a kernel problem (like myself).
If this is the case, do the following:

1. Take phone back to AT&T and get a replacement
2. Re-flash your android with the STOCK kernel found here
3. Reflash with cognition x2 (reported to solve a member's problem, I didn't try this myself).

You can read the whole story at XDA-developer. We'll hope that Samsung will release a  new firmware update that fix for this battery draining issue a soon as possible.

How to Hard Reset Verizon's Samsung Stratosphere i405

Here's a simple tip on how  to factory reset the Samsung Stratosphere i405 from Verizon.
The Samsung Stratosphere is Verizon’s first 4G LTE slider.  This new Android handset runs on Android Gingerbread, a WVGA display Super AMOLED Plus, 5MP rear camera, and a 1.3MP front-facing camera.

But however, if you'll experience any low performance, hang or frozen problem, a factory reset may help to restore back your Samsung Stratosphere to it's original factory default settings. But just ensure to have a back copy of all your important data files like contacts, messages, etc. that are stored in the handset for it will be all deleted on this process.

samsung Stratosphere i405 hard reset
Here's  how to reset your Samsung Stratosphere

 Factory reset
-From the Home Screen, tap Settings
-then scroll to and then select Privacy
-then scroll to and select Factory Data Reset
-then select Reset Phone
-then select Erase Everything

Hard Reset
You can either type and enter this code *2767*3855# or do a button combination below if the Samsung Stratosphere experience hang problem like just stuck on the start up logo.

Download T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II t989 User Manual

If you have bought T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989 already and somehow looking for the user manual so that you'll learn how to tweaks your newly android phone and have fun making use of it, download the user's guide from the link below.

The T-Mobiles Samsung Galaxy S II is also known as "Hercules" - this devices comes with 4.52 inches display screen with a little bit more curved in the four corners body unlike the size of  Galaxy S2 Sprint D710 and Galaxy S2 AT&T which has  4.3″ only, so do the SGS2 GT I9100 International version.  But still it uses Super AMOLED Plus Capacitive Touchscreen with TouchWiz UI v4.0 and protected with scratch-resistant surface via Corning Gorilla Glass Display. For the screen resolution, and equipped with WVGA touchscreen in  (800 x 480 pixels) pixel resolutions. Isn't it nice!

We'll here's your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II t989 User Manual - T989_English_User_Guide.pdf
Samsung GAlaxy S II SGH-T989ZKBTMB User Manual
Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989 by T-Mobile User Manual

how to set a different ringtones on you Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

 This just a simple tips on how to set a different ringtones on you Samsung Galaxy Gio. If you already downloaded your favorite MP3 songs on your PC and want to transfer it in your Galaxy and customize at as your personal message or alert tones,  all you have to do is connect your Samsung Galaxy Gio to your computer or laptop via USB cable and then select "connection type" and get access to storage memory card.

Here's how to connect Galaxy Gio into Mass Storage Mode Option:

- On Main Home Screen tap Menu > Settings > Application
- Enable USB Debugging
- Return to Home Screen
- Then plug the USB cable into your Galaxy S2
- Pull down status bar
- Press ' Connect USB Storage' button
samsung galaxy gio freeze and hang on logo fix
Alternative way without USB Debugging
- Go to Settings > Wireless & Network
- USB utilities and click the button >
- then plug in USB cable

Once you've establish a connection from you Galaxy Gio to your PC, just browse to your mass storage
then find the folder "Notifications", if its not on there, create a new folder and simply renamed it "Notifications".


Then grab a copy music files you wanted from your computer and paste into that folder "Notifications". Once finishes, disconnect your Galaxy Gio from the computer. Then you can set that music files as your message tone.

- Go to Message/Inbox icon located at the bottom of your Samsung Galaxy Gio screen

- In the Message/Inbox Settings simply choose the file that you've copied as your message ringtone

If you already have a music files stored on your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660, do this steps below:
- Go to "My Files" then copy that mp3 music file you like to use as your messages ringtone.
( Just tap and hold that music file then you can choose either to copy or move that music file)
- Next, paste that music file in your media folder > SDCARD/ MEDIA/ AUDIO/ NOTIFICATIONS
- Go to Message/Inbox icon located at the bottom of your Samsung Galaxy Ace screen

- In the Message/Inbox Settings simply choose the music file that you've copied as your message ringtone
If you have a problem about the volume loudness, this sometimes happens that your custom ringtone volume is too low compared to the pre-installed ringtone on your Galaxy Gio which as much louder.
You can try using this program, MP3GAIN, to boost up maximized the volume of your mp3's decibels.

Or this app from Android Market..Volume+ (Sound Boost)
currently using this app for my boosted up mp3s using MP3GAIN.
But works only on Gingerbread..