How to Copy Photos/Pictures from PC to Samsung Galaxy Nexus Without Hang, Stuck or Crash

If you ever having an issue of copying a picture from your PC and transfer it to your Samsung Galaxy Nexus and somehow it just hangs while copying photos. Now, the situation is that you can copy the pictures from your Samsung Galaxy Nexus and transfer it to your PC but it won't do the opposite. The ringtones, alarms, notifications and also mp3's just smoothly copied on each specified folders, but only the photos somehow get stuck when you try to transfer and save it to the internal memory storage "pictures folder" or even to the "DCIM/Camera folder".

Some users already had experience on this problem, this might cause by a bug, a firmware issue and the only fix is the sooner release of  firmware update from Samsung. Here's a video example from  jimmylittleUK who also had experience of that said photo copying problem.

As you can see that it only crashes while copying the photos on the "Galaxy Nexus/Internal Storage/Pictures" folder. There is no specific terms of how that problem occurred but only one thing for sure "just another bug on Galaxy Nexus Android OS". Some users already notify and raised this problem on Google's help forum and hoping to have it resolved as soon as possible.

Here's the solution we gathered so far, this solution is simple, already tried and it works in a PC that runs in Windows 7 64-bit OS. Maybe this one might help you too and get rid of that hanging issue.

Assuming that
1) You have already installed the necessary USB driver for your Samsung Galaxy nexus.
2) You already reconfigure the "USB debugging mode" and unchecked it in settings.
3) You use the supplied USB cable of you Galaxy Nexus.
4) You have a enough space of your phone's internal memory card.

Try this:

- Copy the saved photos from your phone's internal memory "photo folder" then transfer and save it to your PC.
- Delete that "Pictures folder" ones all the photos were safety saved then unplug and replug your Galaxy Nexus.
- Then create a new folder on the internal memory and rename it "Pictures". (You are just replacing the old picture folder that you recently deleted)
After that copy all the pictures to the newly created picture folder again.

Another solution:
Try to use any Android file manager application on the Android market, this will sometimes can ease some headaches having it difficult to transfer pictures to your phone.

If all of the above doesn't help you, I have nothing more else to suggest but to let Samsung resolved this issues on our Galaxy Nexus.

Source: XDA-Developer's forum


I had a similar issue and was able to use Windows Media Player to sync the pictures to the phone

thanks for this post

when i connect my samsung galaxy nexus with my windows pc it going hang.

so that i unplug my phone from pc and i can't take and transfer my date with my windows that i use micro SD card reader i take and put files with pc.

but now i connet my phone with pc

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