How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679

An Android device like  Samsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 with TouchWiz has a built in screenshot function, but how does it work? This does not require any root or installing any applications just to capture the screen that you might want to save. Sometimes I already accidentally press this buttons and wonder how did I took it and save on my gallery without knowing what are those buttons.

So, here's how to take a screenshots on your Samsung Exhibit II 4G T679, no root and no applications needed or to install required. All you have to do is Press the Home and Power button at same time,  then a camera "flicking" action on the screen should appear. The images captured will be then saved in your phones gallery.

That's it ! too easy isn't it? Enjoy using your phone.


Wow I Never Knew That I Thought You Had To Root It Thank You.

U saved my life!!:D thanks!

Yay I love it lol thanks!!!!!!

Awesome! Thank you so much ! ! !

i accidently took a screenshot and i had no idea how i did it so i googled it and here is your answer. thank u so much this is really gonna help me out

Thank you sooo much!

i cant get it to work

Thanks! i never new my phone had it

Yo thats beast! I felt the same way

Wow i didnt know it was that simple thank you!!!!!

Wow i didnt know it was that simple thank you!!!

Awesome thank you so much!

thanks man helpful

yes it works I've been trying that forever trying to figure that out

Omg screenshot bliss! Thank you thank you thank you :-) it'd be nice if they put this in owner manual.

Thx for sharing! :-)

Where is the home button?? The lines with a half of box in top?

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