Samsung Galaxy Nexus User Manual

Here's the Samsung Galaxy Nexus User Manual, this will guide through the rest on how to do some tweaks on your phone. This smartphone was reportedly released  by Verizon in the US,  Bell, Virgin Mobile, Rogers and Telus in Canada. In the UK, the Galaxy Nexus was made available on O2 and Three Network and other European countries.

Here's the topics that describe how to use your Galaxy Nexus phone from Galaxy Nexus official page.

* Get started
o Set up your phone
o Why use a Google Account?
o Get around
o Touch & type
o Use the lock screen
o Search your phone & the web
* Make yourself at home
* Try some apps
* Tune performance
* Learn the Phone app
* Enter & edit text
* Connect to networks & devices
* Search by text & voice
* Manage accounts
* Secure your phone
* Galaxy Nexus User's Guide (PDF)

The user guide of Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich smartphone
* Change the wallpaper
* Set ringtone & other sounds
* Make a phone call
* Get your contacts
* Arrange & work with apps
* Add widgets
* Manage notifications

* Start Gmail
* Find People
* Manage your Calendar
* Use your Camera
* Beam screen content
* Manage downloads

* Optimize battery life
* Optimize data usage
* Optimize memory usage

* Dial stored numbers
* Answer or divert calls
* Work with the Call log
* Place an Internet (SIP) call
* Listen to your voicemail
* Dial by voice
* Options during a call

* Use the keyboard
* Type text by speaking

* Connect to mobile networks
* Connect to Wi-Fi networks
* Connect to Bluetooth devices
* Connect to keyboards, mice, and other devices
* Connect to a Windows computer via USB
* Connect to a Macintosh computer via USB
* Share your mobile data connection
* Connect to virtual private networks (VPNs)
* Control airplane mode & other network settings

* Refine Google Search
* Use Voice Actions
* Voice Action commands

* Add or remove accounts
* Configure account sync options
* Change backup & reset options

* Set screen lock
* Encrypt your phone
* Work with certificates


* Gmail
* Maps
* Google+
* Android Market
* Camera, Gallery, & Movie Studio
* Browser
* People
* Calendar
* Talk
* Messaging
* Music
* Books
* YouTube
* Earth
* Email

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Help Page
Download: GalaxyNexus_Manual.pdf


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has completely redesigned the look and feel of Android. The lock screen, widgets, notifications, multi-tasking and all other elements have been renovated and redesigned to make Android a simple, beautiful and useful. For more information on the tips and
tricks of Samsung Galaxy Nexus go through the below link:

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