How to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S2/S II I9100

 Here's a quick tip on how to capture or take a screenshot from your Samsung Galaxy S II. Most android phones could only capture what was on-screen using  tools, or applications and many required root access first. The Samsung Galaxy S II has a Built-in screen capture, so taking screenshot is too easy and doesn't need any rooting or 3rd-party application to install.
Samsung Galaxy S2 take screenshot
Here is how simply you can do it: PRESS AND HOLD THE HOME BUTTON - THEN PRESS THE POWER BUTTON. So, press and hold home, then a millisecond later hit the power button. Works flawlessly every time. The image will then saved in your gallery files.

The ICS already released, taking screenshots for Galaxy S2 runs with Ice Cream sandwich is change to  Volume Down and Power Buttons..Press and  Hold The VOLUME Down and POWER BUTTON simultaneously  to take a screenshots.


Thanks! great tip.

I accidentally did a screen shot one day and couldn't figure out how it happened. Thanks for the info!!!

very very useful to know, thank you

nice tip.. thanks

It would be more effective if you could disable the the task manager when you hold the home button. This is awkward as opposed to doing it on my iPod.

in my phone it is not showing up at Gallery. Needs to open through Files then go to Screen Capture folder. :(

Haha awesome now i know...i seem to take screen shots all the time and never knew what was going on! decided to find out how to do it as i just got an awesome auto-text babaum to post on facebook! :p Cheers

It donr work att android 4

Great info :-)

when i press the home button and press the power button the task manager is appearing and it doesn't take a screen shot. How can i disable the task manager??

After the update it's not any longer possible to take a screenshot in that way, you wrote here above I don't know what to do now? Download an app? Shake my phone? I have a SamsungGalaxy S II

Jartoft... I found the same thing. Once its updated taking screen shots that way doesn't work..

Ok so you have to hold them both down at the same time for a couple seconds then it takes the screenshot

Press the volume down button and the on/off button at the same time and hold for about 5 seconds.

For some reason, that doesn't even work for me :/
I tried pressing the volume down and the lock button, and it doesn't work. I tried all combinations even with the home screen, but doesn't work... Help! D:

I am having the same problem as jartoft - after updating the phone software, I can no longer take screen shots. I have galaxy s2

Thank you, Emma for this useful information:
Press the volume down button and the on/off button at the same time and hold for about 5 seconds.
It works!!

volume down + power button not working too for my samsung galaxy sII upgraded to ICS.

imm i have a problem on sgs2 after updating ics..
i unable to take any screenshots. my phone is not going into download mode. so i go back to the gb 2.3.6.. neither i cant do that brightness thing on top of the screen.. pls help what to do.. :(

Down volume and lock button from about 1 second together, it works in galaxy s2

Yeah, kinda works for Gingerbread, but for the task manager popping up when I hold the home key for more than a second... :-S

Taking a screenshot of the %$^%$#$^% Task Mgr is pretty useless.

With Gingerbread and the TMgr issue, just push the power button nearly simultaneously with the home button, but fractionally before it.

help me, I've tried press volume down + power button, still not working too for my samsung galaxy S2 after upgrade to ICS, please help me :(

Press & hold both the volume down + power button for 5 secs

The volume down + power button didn't work for me after I had updated my phone to 4.0.4. But I tried the old home button + power button combination and it worked!:D so after updating my phone it went back to the original combination.

Does anybody know if they have changed it again after the last update.. Cant seen to get the volume down + power button to work any longer :-(

Power Button held down a split second before the Home button is held down works. It's a bit hit and miss but it DOES work!

I took delivery of my Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday and updated eveything going!

The best way. Hold power buttom and quickly hold the home button but leave it press for about 3 secs. So power plus home but leave home pressed for a few secs. Should do the trick.

It doesn't work on my phone....fucking annoying!

You can take a screenshot by pressing the power and volume down button simultaneously. I'm using Galaxy S2 Android version 4.0.3

root galaxy S 3 You guys out there are performing a great job.

This method really works! Thankyou Emma!

When I use this method [volume + home + lock] the volume bar appears ruining the picture. Any tips?

I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 today. I had to hold the home button and the power button at the same time. Hope this is helpful.

I could not get mine working for ages and I had given up until I really needed to get a screenshot, no other way out.

So - if the volume button is not working for you, try the POWER BUTTON / HOME BUTTON combo however the key is to first press POWER BUTTON, and after holding it for 0.5-1 sec also press the HOME button. if you press the HOME button too soon (ie simulaneously) it wont work, or if you press it too late it won't work either.

After restarting your device a couple of times, and after going into your apps manager a good twenty times you will get it :) or if you aren't as hopeless as me, you will hopefully get it faster.

Duznt even work
How do i do it

Since upgrade volume +power isn't working any longer but I just did one using home & power.. hope this works 4 u!

Volume down and power button worked on my s2... Thanks heaps

In begging i was not aware about screenshotes on my Samsung Galaxy S2 but later on i got that tricks that mentioned above and i was happy to take screen shots .

it's volume button + power button + home key. pressing only the power and home will launch the task manager. it has to be those 3 buttons to capture screen. works for my s2 on ics :)

hey guys.... do nd hold the home nd power button same time for 2 sec u will listen the sound nd screen will flash as well..... nd after that u can see that pic in gallery..... samsung galaxy s2........... thnx guys

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Neither the Vol Down+Power or Home button+Power work for me since updating to 4.0.4! any other ideas for galaxy s2!!?? pleeease help!!

Upgraded and updated EVERYTHING on a soon two years old. I've tried all suggested combos. NOTHING works.!!!!! epic fail^^

sooo i just did a screenshot on the s2 that has the touch home key that looks like an actual accoplish this, at the same time, press the on/off button and the "house" you will see the screen sorta flas...screenshot has been taken. go to gallery and the picture will be saved under a new folder entitled "screenshot"

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