How to Set a Different Message Ringtone/Music on Samsung Galaxy Fit

If you wanted to make your favorite music as your default  message alerts tone on your Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670, this guide may help you on how to set that music you ever wanted as your message tone on your Samsung Galaxy Fit Android phone.

Here's how to do it on Samsung Galaxy Fit:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Fit to your computer or laptop and select "connection type" and get access to storage memory card. Now after you have successfully connected your Galaxy Fit, browse to your mass storage then find the folder "Notifications", if its not on there, create a new folder and then rename it to "Notifications".

samsung galaxy fit set custom message ringtone
Once the folder already renamed, grab a copy of that music files you desire from your computer into that newly created folder "notifications". Once finishes, disconnect your Galaxy Fit from the computer. Then you can set that music files as your message tone.

- Go back to the idle screen. Press the Home key.
- Then open the application list.
- Select Messaging.
- Then press on the Menu android-menu-key key.
- Then tap on Settings.
- Tap on the Notifications checkbox and ensure that the checkbox is checked.
- Tap on Select ringtone.
- On the popup select the ringtone you desire.

Or by this method:
- Go to Message/Inbox icon located at the bottom of your Samsung Galaxy Fit screen
- In the Message/Inbox Settings simply choose the file that you've copied as your message ringtone

If you already have a music files stored on your Samsung Galaxy Fit, do this steps below:
- Go to  "My Files"  then copy that mp3 music file you like to use as your messages ringtone.
   ( Just tap and hold that music file then you can choose either to copy or move that music file)
- Next, paste that music file in your media folder > SDCARD/ MEDIA/ AUDIO/ NOTIFICATIONS
- Go to Message/Inbox icon located at the bottom of your Samsung Galaxy Fit screen


simply create a folder 'ringtone' in root dir of SD card and copy desired
ringtone in it.set this ringtone as usual method.
--Kiran Sonkusale

This works fine, but tone is very quiet, much quieter than if playing it in notifications file! In fact, I cant hear when I get a text message! I have all volumes set to maximum. Any ideas?

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