Tips: How to Debrand HTC Sensation

Here's a guide that I've been found that make use in debranding HTC Sensation. A lot of advance users been looking for this guide, but yet now I found out a step by guide over XDA developer.

After searching with no success for a clear way to debrand your sensation, I finally found a way reading lots of snippets, so thought I'd write it into one guide, to help others. This guide was written assuming you're running Windows, but other OS users should be able to follow most parts, except extracting from the RUU.

This method can also be use to rebrand/reflash back to stock.

If you follow this guide, you do so at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong.
This process will wipe ALL data, including any recovery partitions or boot loaders you have installed.
S-OFF WILL BE RETAINED. This method, does not affect your CID, or require root.

Debranding Htc sensation
Head-over at XDA-developer and follow the step by step tutorials on how to Debrand your HTC Sensation.


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