How to Format or Reset Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

Here's the following simple tips on how to do a factory reset or format the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 and restore it back to it's original factory default settings. This procedure may help if you'll experience some slow performance, fix lags, hang or frozen issues. This may also wipe any unwanted firmware interruption due of some applications you've installed on the phone that result to some poor performance issues.

Note: Just ensure to back up all of your important data stored from the phone, for this will wipe it all out and clear you device and stored back again like the first time you bought it.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 factory reset
So, here's the factory reset method:
Factory reset - this is only a soft reset method, you can do this if the device is still active or you can still navigate to it's menu and settings function.

-Tap the Menu key
-Tap Settings
-Scroll down to and tap Privacy
-Tap Factory data reset
-Tap Reset phone
-Tap Erase everything.

You can also do a factory reset while only typing this reset code on the dial pad #2767*3855#.

If the Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001  is frozen or stuck on boot or hangs on welcome screen logo only. This time you will need to hard reset it by way of button combination since you cannot do a factory reset from the instruction above.

- Turn your Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 off, or remove the battery for about 10 seconds then put it back again.
- Then press and hold the following buttons Home button + Volume up + Power button
Then a menu will show, just select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

That's it! You can also download the user manual for Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001  here,  if you need more information on how to do some tweaks on your Galaxy S Plus android device.


Power + Volume Up
Release Power immediately after samsung test appears.
Hold Volume Up button down all the time! The box and green Android man will appear. The phone will reboot itself a couple times, but eventually the reboot menu will appear. Choose the wipe data option by pressing Home button

And what to do when you trick doesn't work? I tried the button combination because the smartphone make nothing when i press the start button... But with the combination there's nothing on the screen, too... What to do now?

Why my samsung galaxy s i9001 get hanged

help my phone when i turn it on it"s only say ramdump mode

my phone galaxy s1 does not is frozen...

This code is wrong.It is :*2767*3855#

I have a problem with my galaxy s plus,i tried to upgrade with samsung kies and my pc crashed. Now i cant turn on my phone because it is crashed too.
It shown me a image with a broken usb connection.
I tried to go in recovery mode but useless. I cant do anything.
Please i need your help.
Thanks alot !

its easier to format with usb cable connected and volumeUp+power button only. or if still fail search xda wiki for i9001, i think xda got easy reboot recovery files

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