Tips: How to set Samsung Galaxy S II in mass storage mode when connected to PC/Laptop

Here's a quick guide how set or switch the Samsung Galaxy S II 19100 into "Mass Storage Mode" when trying to connect PC or laptop computer. This may help if you want to view the files stored on your Galaxy S II to your PC at work.

In other Android smartphones when you plug it to PC USB it will automatically came up and show and menu settings that asking you what you wanted to do, on Samsung Galaxy S II it this is not gonna happen until you enable the Phone into "USB Debugging Mode"

Here's how to set your Galaxy S II into Mass Storage Mode Option:

Samsung Galaxy S2 mass storage mode
- On Main Home Screen tap Menu > Settings > Application
- Enable USB Debugging
- Return to Home Screen
- Then plug the USB cable into your Galaxy S2
- Pull down status bar
- Press ' Connect USB Storage' button

Aternative way without USB Debugging
- Go to Settings > Wireless & Network
- USB utilities and click the button >
- then  plug in USB cable


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