How to Set a Custom Message Notification Music /Ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S II

Here's a simple guide on how to set a custom ringtone to your message alerts on your Samsung Galaxy S II. If you'll notice that you can't find an option to set what you desired music or tone to set it as a message notification alert.

Here's how to do it:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S II to your computer or laptop and select "connection type" and get access to storage memory card. If you are having trouble on connection see the guide here.
Now after you have successfully connected you galaxy S II, browse to your mass storage then find the folder "Notifications", if its not on there, create a new folder and named it "Notifications".

Then grab a copy music files you wanted from your computer into that newly created folder "notifications". Once finishes, disconnect your Galaxy S II from the computer. Then you can set that music files as your message tone.

- Go back to the idle screen. Press the Home key.
- Then open the application list.
- Select Messaging.
- Then press on the Menu android-menu-key key.
- Then tap on Settings.
- Tap on the Notifications checkbox and ensure that the checkbox is checked.
- Tap on Select ringtone.
- On the popup select the ringtone you desire.

Here's how to make a custom notification message ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S2 when you already have a music files stored or saved on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S2 custom message ringtone
- Go to Menu
- My files, media
- Then make a map called 'Audio'.
- Open that map, and there you make another map called 'Notifications'.
- Move your mp3/sound/song/ringtone in that map.
- Now you can choose it in settings, sound, notification ringtone.

You can do the same thing with calling ringtones and alarms.
For that, make a map called 'Ringtones' or 'Alarms' in the 'Audio' map. So in Audio will be three maps, Ringtones, Alarms and Notifications.


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Does anyone know how i can give each person their own sms tone on the sumsung stratosphere? because i dont know what the Galaxy S II is.

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how can i do it on Galaxy Nexus S??

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How can I set custom message notifications for different people in my contact list? I see how to set ringtones, but I'd also like to set a different text message notificaiton for some people. Can this be done on a Galalxy S I as well?

I have the S2 and have the tone in my selection folder and even when i chose the tone it still wont play when a sms comes in. Very annoying?????

how to set difrent ringtone for difrent contacts in samsung galaxy mini?

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It's work!! Thank you! But why the music sound slower (almost unheard)even though i increase the sound to the max?

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I always use to make free ringtones for my iPhone.

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This was incredibly easy and worked like a charm on my Galaxy Ace. Thank you so much!

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can any one tel me best games or app ever galaxy s2..???

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Thanks Also i have posted on how to change it without connecting to laptop

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