Steps to Use Tags App and NFC Technology on Google Nexus S

Near Field Communication is an awesome technology for mobile phones, in this tutorial, we will introduce the way to use tags app and NFC on your Google Nexus S. The make use of of Near Field Communication record as well as a Tags App upon your Nexus S (GT-i9020T) have been sparkling brand new facilities in a universe of dungeon phones. Just watch this video

Steps and procedures:
Step 1. At first, make sure the NFC setting is turned on by touching Menu button from the Home Screen.

Step 2. Select Settings.

Step 3. Select Wireless & networks.

Step 4. Scroll down, you will find NFC, if it is not enable, make there is a green check beside it.

Step 5. Press Home button.

Step 6. Hold your Google Nexus S up to the tag.

Step 7. You will see a link to the information stored in the tag, in this case, we select Movie. To view the contents, simply select that link.

Step 8. Then you will see url for a local cinema provides us movies and times.

Step 9. Press the Home button to back to your Nexus S home screen.

Step 10. To view your recent and saved tags, touch the launcher.

Step 11. Scroll down and touch the Tag application.

Step 12. After reading the prompt, touch Next.

Step 13. Then touch Close.

Step 14. The Tag will show up, you can select your favorite by touching the icon.

Step 15. Touch the Star located on the top right, then touch Done.

Step 16. Touch the Starred located on the right corner of the application.

Step 17. The tag is save as one of your favorites or stars.

Step 18. Touch Home button to go back to your Google Nexus S home screen.


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