How to transfer files between Samsung Google Nexus S and computer

Do you wish to transfer the files between your Samsung Google Nexus S and to your computer.
You don’t need any software or application to help you transfer file from or to your Samsung Google Nexus S phone.

Here is the steps what you need to do before you want to move file between the two device.
You need to change the USB settings of your Samsung Nexus S to be Mass Storage mode by performing the following steps:
1. Select Menu.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Applications.
4. Select USB Settings.
5. Check the box besides Mass Storage.
6. Press the Home Key to return to the home screen. Then insert the microSD memory card into the device’s memory card slot and connect your phone with computer via USB cable, take the following steps.

Samsung phones questions-transfer files between Samsung Nexus S and PC:

1. “USB Connected” will show briefly in the Notification Bar followed by a USB icon.
2. Tap and hold the Notification Bar and pull it down by sliding your finger down the screen.
3. Tap on USB Connected and then select Mount.
4. If prompted on the PC, select “Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer” from the Removable Disk pop-up.
5. If not prompted as in step 4, on the PC open My Computer and select the Removable Disk drive letter that was assigned to the device.
6. It is now possible to drag and drop (copy & paste) music files between the device and the PC.

Note: Make sure that the Bluetooth on your Samsung Nexus S is deactivated, and I recommend you create a different folders for other media types in order to organize them better on your phone.


My nexus does not give me an option to turn on mass storage manually. The first time I got the phone and plugged it in a notification popped up at the top asking if i wanted to turn it on.... It does not do that anymore and hasn't for a long time.

I have read many blogs on the internet about it and it seems a number of people are having the same issue with it.

I agree with Lennon42. It's driving me crazy

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