Exporting All Contacts to SIM Card on Samsung Galaxy P1000 Tab

This is the simple steps on How to Export All Contacts to SIM Card on Samsung  P1000 Galaxy Tab Android 2.2 Froyo. We show  you how to export contacts to SIM card on Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here's the simple steps that you need to follow to relocate your contacts from your Samsung Galaxy Tab to SIM card.

1: Go to “Applications” on your “Home” Screen and select “Contacts”
2: Touch the “Menu” key and navigate to “Import/Export contacts” and select “Export to SIM card” option.

3: You may select the contacts that you want to put to your SIM card from the list of all contacts. Subsequently, you choose “Copy/Move” button at the bottom and then choose “Yes”.

After that, the Samsung P1000  Galaxy Tab will start duplicating all the selected contacts and moving it to your SIM card.


there is a problem in exporting contacts to sim card. when you have contact containing multiple numbers it will only export one number and skip the remaining numbers so it is useless..

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