Download Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 User Manual

Here's what you are looking for the Galaxy Gio S5660 User Manual you can download it here. It was not yet long time ago since the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 has been released and you will need to know how to navigate of its function.

Well, here's the Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 User Manual
Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 mobile phone user manual is now available online and can be downloaded directly at Samsung website. This Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 manual comes in 130 pages on PDF document format (2.66 MB).

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 User Manual PDF

Download here.

All you need to know about how to use you Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 is on it.


Hi there :d i have a very important question ! how can i change my ringtone?! i want a particular song but i see that i don't have any options except the ringtones that are in my mobile!.....please help..p.s i read the user manual s5660 and i didn't find anything that could help me.

i CANT even change my message or notification ringtone..
i thought Samsung Galaxy Gio s5660 is perfect..

I Can't Download Anything On Mine Does Anyone Know How???

For ring tone.. Go the song and press the first button and select as ring tone.
For msg go into settings and change it..
And to download go to market and the app stores on ur menu

How do I take screen shots?

wat is the first button.....?

Hi there, i have problems with adding exchange account on my Samsung GIO. It lets me put the Email address, the password bud cant goo to the "NEXT" toll bar (didnt let me finish seting up my email)
I downloaded an exchange email from my market, it does the same thing (so didnt let me put the "NEXT" toll bar),
PLS i need help ....

@ jess. How can I use my own tone to msg, I'm only allowed to choose amoung the tones witch was on the phone when I got it.

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