How to boost or increase earphone speaker volume on Samsung Galaxy S II I9100

If you are not satisfied and having problem on Samsung Galaxy S II speaker volume like its very low even you've already set to its maximum volume. Many users experiencing and been complaining about speaker volume like a very low on phone calls,earphone, headset and in the car using AUX.
This tips might help you solve the problem, give these a try just send us a feedback whether it works for you or not:

A) Enter service mode by typing below code on your dialer :
click the following:
Choose Handset, headset, Speaker (which ever you want higher volume)
[1] SRC Speech RX Volume
Change default values and higher the values any number of your choosing, here is an example:
[0]0_lvl : 68
[1]1_lvl : 72
[2]2_lvl : 76
[3]3_lvl : 80
[4]4_lvl : 84
[5]5_lvl : 88 Higher these values to until hear volume improvement.

Can also edit the values from:
[2]DST I2S1 TX Volume
[3]SRC I2S1 RX Volume: 100
[4]DST Speech TX Volume: 94

Samsung Galaxy S2 increase speaker volume
This Samsung volume setting, worked for several people but sadly only worked 2 times for me and values keep resetting for me (doesn't mean for you, so give it a try) Also this is based on STOCK firmware.

B) the second thing you might to try is app called Volume+:
This app guarantees it higher the volume without the need of touching its default settings, BUT huge drawback it highers everything: Headset, speaker and Bluetooth EXCEPT HANDSET which is the most important
(I also downloaded many volume increase apps, but Volume+ was the only one got the job done for everything but handset)

C) Lastly get GOOGLE VOICE app (create a GV account if you don't have one)
just by installing Google and logging on, every time you make a call, your calls get forwarded through Google voice and volume levels become acceptable in ALL HANDSET, HEADSET, SPEAKER, BLUETOOTH (just like phone should of have been) (this what i personally use fix my volume issues)

If the above tips doesn't work for you,  the best way is to complain it to your Samsung Galaxy S II provider.


I have SGS Plus and have a problem with volume level. Trying to access service mode with code *#*#197328640#*#*, but nothing appears.

fully worked for me but found had to do a rebuild for each change of volume setting to stop defaulting to factory settings

you need to downgrade the operation system from 2.3.4 to 2.3 and i will work. I have done this with samsung galaxy mini s5570 and it worked!

What exactly y tiped in phone to improve headphone volume ?

handset mic not picking up any sounds on galaxy mini, have entered service mode and performed a total rebuild which hasn't fixed problem, any ideas?

Hi longboardmosh,
Did you try to update your phone's firmware lately?
Do some tweaks on firmware first...
If it's totally no audio picked up, I'm afraid its gonna be hardware problem. If it's still under warranty return it to your local service center.

It works on Galaxy Gio!

Is not work on galaxy note gt-n7000
I try to enter audio mode but not enter he return to main menu

i typed in the code on my galaxy mini and got the menus, but i can't open audio for some reason, all other menus are accessable.

i have buy a brand new samsung galaxy s plus, but there is a problem, while i make a phone call, the volume is very low, even in setting it shows the volume is full, but when i call it is very low, i even try the code, but it did not show anything, please help

Wilma, thank you very much for the solution you provided. It resolved my problem with an inaudible incoming call alert while I was on a call and wearing an earphone(headset).

However, my problem has re-occurred after the Samsung KIES application on my PC prompted me to upgrade the firmware and Android software on my phone. I attempted to resolve the problem using the solution you have provided. Unfortunately, when the Service Menu comes up, it says that the AUDIO IS BLOCKED. So, I could no longer adjust the settings to a higher level as I did before. I am hoping that once again you may have found a way around this problem. The following is the firmware and Android info after the upgrade.

KERNEL VERSION: 3.0.15-I9100DXLP7-CL233393 dpi@DELL166 #3
BUILD INFO: Sat Mar 10 16:38:40 KST 2012

Wilma, thank you for the solution. I was able to use it to address my problem with the Galaxy SII where I could not hear the incoming call alert while I was on a call and wearing an earphone (headset). However, when I performed an upgrade to the firmware/Android OS as prompted by Samsung's KIES app, the problem re-occurred. Unfortunately, when I attempted to repeat the solution you provided, the Service Menu now indicates that the AUDIO IS BLOCKED.

I'm hoping that you would have another solution to this problem. Thanks.

Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help me. I have a new Galaxy S Plus I9001 and I have a problem in my headset and notifications volume. I cannot enter into the main menu as described above while I can enter with different codes which unfortunately show Audio Menu nr 5 without further settings. Can anyone help to increase the volume ? PLEASE.
I appreciate your help

I did as suggested above and entered the "Service Mode" however, like others before me (5) Audio was BLOCKED.
What else can be done


I too get the "Audio is blocked" in the service mode after upgrade to ICS. anyone been able to resolve the issue? kindly share.

I cannot believe that Samsung haven't come out with an official software fix for this, leaving customers to have to resort to discussion forums for answers. This is a premium product, and the most important function - the ability to hear people during phone calls - is severely impaired by default. I used to have a Nokia n900 (which was 100% reliable and easy to use) but decided to move to Samsung for a lighter, more feature-rich phone. What a mistake!

i did it on my samsung galaxy gio and i get te screen it says:
[1] debug screen
[2] version information
[3] umts rf nv
[4] gsm rf nv
audio is blocked
[6] common
[7] qxdm logging

what is rong re what did i rong pleas HELP

i used to have the same prob with the ear phone incoming or outgoing calls i increased media volume to the max and it worked fine with me i hope this could help any one has the same prob

olá tenho um galaxy mini e não consigo aumentar o seu volume pois a opção 5 audio não abre o q eu faço?

nice ,bt there is a shorter and easy process. check blog post on

I think I have a perfect solution and explanation for low headset volume with original Samsung Galaxy S2 headphones.
At first I entered in to service mode and set the volume setting. I got so far that I had to do the hard reset back to factory settings and I had to load all my applications again.
As my father used to say” all good things are simple” that how is my solution to this problem and you will be amazed.
First of all the amplifier in galaxy S2 has high impedance (32 ohm) so headphones have to be 32 ohm (in case you would like to by a new pair).
But if you have an issue with original headphones, here is the explanation and the solution:
Take of the rubber parts from the earphones. If you have a close look you will notice that the chromium-plated parts are being peeled. These small particles are then attracted by earphones magnet into the exit hole of headphones. There is a net in the exit that catches this small chromium parts and block the exit.
1 First brush of (use something sharp) all the chromium-plated parts to the plastic surface.
2 Remove the round net in the headphone exit (use tooth peek). It will come of easily. Use cotton stick that you use for cleaning ears and clean the exit headphones hole.
3 Plug in you head phones and you’ll be amazed.

Hope you’ll find this helpful 

Hi andre3lion,
Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately this doesn't fix our problems as we are talking about incoming calls headset volume and not the headphones.
Quite strange that nobody has found yet a solution. I had to buy an application to increase the volume but it doesn't fix the problem. :-(
Let's wait for other solutions

I have found the headset speaker gathers tiny specks of dust inside the speaker housing . take the phone apart following simple directions on utube . it is hard to believe that these tiny specks of dust blocking the speaker holes and that get inside the housing have such a catostrophic affect on the volume but it does . i could barely hear any callers but after cleaning found i had to turn volume down to half way. i wonder if the speaker attracts the dust as it was quite blocked inside.

i will bet your headset speaker has dust in it. even a few specs will have a catostrphic affect on it .clean it following utube links and you will be gobsmacked

Hi, I had this problem too, all volumes were low.....
I spent hours searching the net looking for solutions but to no avail.
I tried the service codes as posted everywhere, installed volume Apps but nothing worked.....
One day while listening to music through my Bluetooth headphones it suddenly went load again, just like i was as new.

To cut a long story short..... all i did was go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Running and stopped ones that i thought should not be running, i had quite a few running unwanted in the background without my knowledge and to my amazement full volume was restored and stayed that way even after reboots or battery swaps.....
Its been a full week now and all is still well, so just look for apps that use volume or speaker and stop them from running and see what happens..........
Good Luck

Wow, so everyone is having this problem. What a let-down for such a great phone....
And we're STILL waiting for Jellybean!!

had low speaker and earpiece volume in calls
rang the company where got the phone from and was told to do factory data reset which will wipe the phone clean then go to keypad in telephone and put in *#0*# which gose to lcd test screen and choose receiver which plays a tune its worked on my Samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570 now hear the caller

this command does not work on my phone. Is there any other app i can use to adjust ?

Hi Wilma, i have a samsung s duos, and when i use the code, nothing happens. Please help because after about 5 seconds on a call, the caller's sound becomes a bit muffled and i have to keep saying'pardon'. First i thought it was the caller's problem, but now i know its my phone.

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i can't access the audio mode! all other modes work fine but the audio

Its works and after reboot still working. Thank you! (Galaxy Ace)

I just have not audio block, but its [5] AUDIO, but i cant open it. explain me why ?

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